Client Project Manager

Welcome to Client Project Manager

We are currently developing an innovative new Customer Relationship Management System, this system will make it particularly easy for Freelance Designers, Web Developers, Photographers and more manage day to day business operations.

However, Client Project Manager does not just help you track your clients and projects, additionally it provides an interface for your clients to log in and see your progress on their projects. It allows them to feel a part of the process and give valuable feed back so you can get it done right the first time.

Client Project Manager helps you gather requirements and focus on the things you do best like creating the awesome products that your clients were attracted to in the first place.

The Beta Newsletter

Using exciting web technologies to build Client Project Manager, we hope that we are able to cater to Freelancers in a new way and provide the most full featured and cost effective CRM on the market.

We plan on offering our service for prices as low as $2 a month per user, but join the beta now for free!

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